How Renewable Energy Can Boost Your SME's Bottom Line

October 30

Believe it or not, caring for the environment can also save you money...

How Renewable Energy Can Boost Your SME

A hard-hitting UN report recently concluded that our planet is at climate crisis point. Everyone has a responsibility to make urgent changes, and if you run an SME, that means ensuring your operations are as eco-conscious and carbon-friendly as possible.

One immediate way to make a positive difference - and boost your finances at the same time - is to switch to a power supplier that provides green and renewable energy.


Renewable energy is produced from sources such as sunshine, flowing water, wind and geothermal heat. Using them doesn't deplete the earth's resources, or create pollution, unlike oil, gas and many other fuels.


When we choose renewables, we choose a better future for our children and grandchildren. Significant advantages include:

  • Carbon emissions are much lower than conventional sources, so it's excellent for the environment
  • Renewables will never run out
  • Renewable energy is widely available in Ireland. If we don't need to import our energy, we become less reliant on other countries
  • Prices are more stable


What's good for the environment can also be extremely positive for your business's bottom line. Let's look at a few ways that saving the planet can also save and make you money.

Save significant sums simply


Ireland's leading energy supply companies know that the future lies with renewable energy. Their drive to get more businesses signed up to eco-friendly plans is supported by eye-catching discounts.


Ireland's largest green energy supplier, Energia, says an average business will save up to 20% on its energy bills by switching to them. In terms of electricity, Energia anticipates that customers with an average annual electricity bill of €858 a year will save around €261. It’s a similar story with gas: an annual bill of €770 can reap a saving of €110.


With these savings in mind, it’s no surprise that more customers switched to Energia in 2017 than other energy suppliers. By investing in green energy and making the switch to renewables, SME owners will feel the difference in their pockets.

Customer-friendly technologies


Don't be fooled into thinking that small changes by your SME won't make a difference. Joined together, we can really push the envelope, and the latest statistics show how urgent it is to act now:


  • Six of the ten warmest years in Ireland have occurred since 1990
  • The Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland calculated that there has been a mean temperature increase of 0.06oC each decade since 1890
  • Increase in annual rainfall in northern and western areas of Ireland, with decreases or small increases in the south and east


By switching to renewable energy, through companies like Energia, you'll help to combat the worsening effects of climate change. Energia already supplies 25% of Ireland’s wind power and plans to keep growing that number, with several new wind farms in development.


Just as important as its commitment to the environment is Energia's commitment to its customers. That's why Energia integrates the most up-to-date digital technologies into its customer care.

For example, customers benefit from convenient payment options and an easy-to-manage online account where you can submit, monitor and view bills. All of this means you can keep track of your account - and never be stung with late-fees. Energy keeps customers informed and empowered, 24/7.

Positive PR = great payback


More and more consumers are choosing to buy from brands that operate responsibly. By investing in renewable energy sources in Ireland, you'll demonstrate to both existing and potential clients that your business cares about our country's long-term health. And that's a powerful and persuasive piece of PR.



By demonstrating the sustainable values that many people share, you'll undoubtedly motivate more clients to build relationships with you.

Indeed, by signing up with Energia, you'll directly support its environmental and community projects and help push positive changes forward. Did you know, for example, that Energia supports events such as Groove Festival and Get Ireland Growing, which allows community food projects to apply for funding from a €70K pot?


By associating your SME with a company like Energia, which looks after the lives of ordinary Irish people, only good things can come your way.

Aim high, save big

It's easy to feel like the world's problems are too large and complex for our modest SMEs to make a meaningful difference. But one of the simplest ways to do this is to embrace green energy and switch to a renewable power supplier.

By choosing Energia as your energy partner, you'll also work with a business that cares deeply about Irish communities, social enterprise, and protecting all our futures.


Renewable energy provides a sustainable way forward and a vital mechanism for keeping SMEs strong in an uncertain future. By switching to Energia, you'll not only play your part in preserving our planet, but also benefit from the huge savings on offer that will give a welcome boost to your bottom line.

What’s more, research shows that taking a leading role in renewables leads to positive PR that can open even more opportunities to win more customers and boost your profits.


With renewable energy, the sky truly is the limit.


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