What happens after I sign my contract?

When you sign our customer contract and direct debit instruction we send your details to the NIE for registration. We will process your contract and providing all the details are correct and your application is successful, your account will be active within 4 weeks.

Who reads my meter?

NIE Networks are scheduled to read your meter every 3 to 4 months. They pass the information to Energia for billing purposes. These are known as 'actual reads'. Where Energia don't receive a meter reading from NIE Networks, we will estimate your bill. However, we actively encourage our customers to submit a meter reading every month as this ensures that your bills are as accurate as possible. You can find out how to submit your meter reading right here. If NIE Networks cannot access your meter for whatever reason please contact Energia on 0345 073 0099.

How do Energia bill me?

Energia bills on a calendar monthly basis. You will receive your bill in the post unless you have opted for paperless billing. If you have chosen this option, we will send you an email every month to let you know that your bill is ready to view or download

Who do I call if I have a problem with supply?

  1. If you smell gas please contact Phoenix Operations Ltd gas emergency service on 0800 002 001 immediately
  2. If you are experiencing a fault with your electricity supply please contact NIE on 08457 643 643

Who do I call if I have a query with my bill?

If you have any questions regarding your account, our customer service team are here to help during business hours on on 0345 073 0099 or email

What do I do when I move premises?

When you are leaving an address, you must contact us and supply a final meter read, the name of the new tenant/landlord and a forwarding address. This will help ensure that you receive your final bill once you have vacated the premises. Please note that you will remain liable for all subsequent charges at the premises until a final meter read is received. Simply submit your final meter reading via any of the methods provided here

How can I use electricity more efficiently?

We have a full section here on the website dedicated to energy efficiency. You will find loads of easy ways to improve the energy efficiency in your business. See our Energy Efficiency section here. If you would like more details on how to reduce your energy usage you can contact our energy efficiency team and they will be happy to help on 0345 073 0099 or email .

What is the Climate Change Levy (CCL)?

The climate change levy (CCL) is a tax on energy delivered to non-domestic users in the United Kingdom. Its aim is to provide an incentive to increase energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions. It is currently charged at a rate of £0.00554 per kWh and applies to all business customers who use in excess of 33 kWh per day and are not being supplied with renewably sourced energy.

What rate of VAT do I pay?

The commercial rate of VAT is 20%. However, if your business uses less than 33 kWh per day in any billing period, HMRC define your usage as “non-business” and you therefore automatically qualify for a reduced rate of VAT of 5%.

If you are a charity and registered as such with HMRC you may qualify for a reduced VAT rate of 5%. You must contact us to provide certification before we can apply the reduced rate of VAT.

If you registered with HMRC as a charity and qualify for a reduced VAT rate please use the following template to self certify and return to Energia

What are standing charges?

Your standing charge is a daily charge to cover the costs of the maintenance and reading of your meter. The cost of the standing charge depends upon your meter configuration & tariff type.

How can my bill be higher than usual sometimes?

  1. Actual reading
    If previous bills have had an estimated meter reading and an actual meter read has been provided on the current bill, the estimates may have been lower that what was actually used, this would lead to a higher bill. It is important to submit regular meter readings to keep your bills as accurate as possible.
  2. Longer billing period
    Our bills are usually sent out about every 30 days but may vary from time to time. Check the number of billing days on your bill, and when comparing previous bills make sure both bills cover the same number of days.
  3. Change in consumption level
    You may be using more electricity than normal. You can easily compare the number of units on the current bill and compare it to the last bill. Your online account gives you all of the information you need and you can see your levels of consumption over the last 12 months. This will help see where the higher energy usage is. You can also talk to your Energy Efficiency team to see how you can possibly reduce your consumption
  4. Time of year
    Usage can vary throughout the year, for example winter versus summer or peak versus non-peak times. When comparing bills, make sure you compare similar billing periods.
  5. Increased electricity prices
    It is possible that there may have been an increase in electricity prices since your last bill. When making comparisons with previous bills, check if the unit rates have changed to reflect new prices.

Are there additional charges?

To see a list of our additional charges please click here.

Where can I find information about the Meter Replacement Programme?

To learn all you need to know about the Meter Replacement Programe visit the Northern Ireland Electricity website here.

What is Energy Theft?

Energy theft is tampering with a meter or its connections. This prevents the meter from accurately recording the amount of electricity consumed.

Is Energy Theft dangerous?

Energy theft can put households and communities at risk. It can cause damage to property, injury and even risk to lives and should be taken very seriously

Is Energy Theft illegal?

Energy Theft is a crime. It can lead to prosecution like any other form of theft, leading to a criminal record for the account holder within the household.

Who pays for Energy Theft?

Energy Theft has a knock on effect and negative impact on all consumers. It increases overall energy costs which can increase the prices for all paying consumers.

How do I report Energy Theft?

If you suspect energy theft please don’t hesitate to report it to us using one of the following options:

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