Energy Efficiency Funding Scheme

NI Energy Efficiency Grant Scheme

Energia in association with NISEP have funding available in Northern Ireland for energy efficiency projects. This year there is funding available for the projects listed below.
2019/20 Funding Scheme

  • LED Lighting; Grant of around 20% towards cost of replacing metal halide/fluorescent lighting installations with high efficient LED luminaires with daylight and occupancy sensors in industrial/commercial business premises.
  • Variable Speed Compressor; - Grant of around 20% towards cost of replacing a single speed compressor with a new variable speed model including air leak detection/repair survey.
  • Heat Recovery; - Grant of up to 50% towards the installation of heat exchangers to existing compressed air systems/air conditioning/refrigeration, which recycle heat to save energy and reduce costs.
  • Intelligent Heating Controls - Grant of around 20% towards cost of design and installation of an intuitive heating management system retrofitted to provide individual control of heating times and temperatures within each room.
  • Variable Speed Drives - Grant of around 30% towards installing inverter technology on electric motors to achieve substantial energy savings by reducing motor speed.
  • Voltage Optimisation – Grant of around 20% towards cost of the installation of Powerstar’s voltage optimisation technology; a transformer-based system used to optimise the characteristics of the current supplied at the source according to current characteristics required at the load.
  • Robox Energy Screw Compressor- Grant of around 30% to replace rotary lobe blowers with new screw blowers which combine a screw compressor, a permanent magnetic motor, and an integrated frequency convertor which enable them to perform at high efficiency even when operating at lower speeds.

The above schemes are all subject to meeting savings targets and end on 1st March 2020
Grants are only offered whereby the energy efficiency project would not go ahead without NISEP funding
Please be aware of de minimis aid regulation when accepting this grant
Fraudulent claims can lead to prosecution.
If you would like to find out how you can receive at least a 20% grant towards your energy efficiency project or for more information contact

Did you know?
You can also avail of Enhanced Capital Allowances, see

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