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Demand Side Unit

Earn up to €42,000 per Megawatt when you join Energia DSU prohramme.

Simply put, DSU is an innovative approach to providing Eirgrid with system capacity at times when the grid is under pressure.

If a demand reduction event is called, participants will temporarily switch off or turn down non-essential power or make independent standby power generators available during times when there is increased demand on the grid.

This allows the network to meet the country’s demands without having to resort to expensive alternatives and you get paid for participating in the scheme.
Once you participate, you receive a payment for simply being available to run.
Energia will implement and manage the whole process with our team of experts which makes it really easy to get started.

  • No upfront capital cost.
  • You can earn up to €42,000 per megawatt.
  • The system is easy to set up and implement - Energia will do all the work for you.
  • Energia monitor the load at our customer’s sites in real time and let you know when a Demand Reduction Event is requested.
  • There is no impact on your business processes.
  • Energia will help you maximise your earnings by helping you respond to any requests to reduce load.
  • Maximum duration of each Demand Reduction event is 2 hours.
  • You will receive a monthly payment for helping stabilise the grid and reducing the reliance on peaking power.
  • If you are an Energia customer, your payments can be deducted from your supply bill.


The Mater Private Hospital in Dublin is one organisation that has taken part in Energia’s DSU scheme and now receives monthly payments. As part of the scheme, the hospital reduces their load for the grid when requested. This is limited to a maximum of just 2 hours per event and a maximum of 40 events per annum.

Energia installed all the necessary equipment including real time consumption monitoring equipment in just one day. Energia also managed all the application process and liaison with Eirgrid and run the scheme for the hospital.

“The set up process was very straightforward as Energia handled everything. Energia also run the scheme which means that we do not have to spend time and resources on it. DSU is very efficient and because the maximums are set at achievable levels, we receive a monthly payment with no interruption to the day to day running of the hospital.”
Technical Services Manager Mater Private Hospital

Find out if you can join Energia's Demand Side Unit (DSU) Programme by contacting one of our team on 1850 300 700 or email [email protected]