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Renewable Business Energy

Renewable Power Made Easy

Our renewable energy is tailor made for Irish businesses. Energia makes switching to clean, renewable energy easy and, thanks to our generations of expertise, we can deliver what you need.

In a world tackling climate change, getting your energy from clean sources shows your customers, investors, employees and community that you're serious about your commitment to sustainability, and decreasing your carbon footprint.

We've made the switch easy and hassle-free.

Contact your Key account manager at Energia or call 1850 363 744 to find out more today!


What this means for you

Get the energy you need with no huge commitments. Power what you need, when you need it.

We keep your bill in one place. No different bills for different sources, just one consolidated bill for everything.

We can tell you exactly where your power is coming from, and what's powering your business.

Straightforward terms, standard contracts, and no need to sign a power purchase agreement (PPA).