See What Your Business Can Save

Switching your gas and electricity supply to Energia couldn't be easier and can make a big difference to your energy costs. Energia own and operate two state of the art gas fired power stations providing some of the cleanest fossil fuels available.

Plus, 25% of Ireland's wind energy is supplied through Energia bringing you a choice of energy. Almost 60,000 customers have chosen Energia as their electricity or gas or total energy provider.

Not just lower costs

Energia offer a range of services to help you reduce your energy consumption and an on-line billing facility to help you analyse your bill and your usage.

You can get up to 30% in funding for energy efficiency projects via our Cash For Kilowatts scheme bringing more savings to your business.

Once you become a customer, you can avail of loads of discounts for you and your business on Energia Extra, a programme exclusively available to Energia customers.

All that plus a deep understanding of delivering great value for our customers makes Energia the best choice in providing competitive rates for your business.

Start the savings now by getting a quote- it’s straightforward and simple - give us a call on 1850 36 37 44 or fill in this form and we’ll do the rest.

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Online Account Management

View your bills & monitor your usage with this free online tool.

Energy Efficiency Advice

Most businesses can reduce their usage by as much as 20% with simple changes.