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What is Energia & the Microgeneration Scheme?


Energia will help customers on their green journey to reduce their carbon footprint with the Microgeneration Scheme.

Microgeneration refers to the generation of electricity from renewable technology such as solar PV panels. This type of renewable energy generation allows domestic customers to produce their own electricity.

By generating electricity this way customers may be able to generate much of their home’s electricity needs but in 2022 the Irish Government will introduce the Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) payment.

For microgeneration customers this will mean that any surplus electricity that is produced, customers will have the option to export this surplus to the grid if they are eligible and receive payment for it. Not only will microgeneration customers be contributing to a greener Ireland by exporting surplus green energy but they will also be reducing their own electricity expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Microgeneration and the Microgeneration Scheme?

Microgeneration, or Microgen, is the generation of green electricity from renewable technologies, such as solar (PV) panels, wind, hydro and other renewable technologies.

Microgenerators generate renewable energy using some or all of the above methods to meet the electricity demands of a household.

The microgeneration scheme will allow customers with registered microgeneration installations to sell any excess electricity back to Ireland’s electricity grid in return for the Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) payment.

I am not an Energia customer, can I still avail of the Microgeneration Scheme?   

At the moment, only Energia customers who are in contract with us and are eligible for the CEG can participate in the scheme with Energia. For the CEG, a customer’s export and import of electricity must be from the same supplier initially.​ Sign up to Energia to avail of the scheme.

Am I eligible for the Microgeneration Scheme and the Clean Export Guarantee payment?

Energia customers who own a microgenerator such as solar PV are eligible for this scheme. You must have an export grid connection, this is typically organized by the installer on installation or can be organised through ESB Networks.
To begin getting payment for your export energy customers will need to notify ESB Networks of their microgeneration install so they can start recording your export to the grid. This is done by completing an NC6 form, this would have been completed by your technician at the time of installation.
Energia customers will need to have a smart meter where available. If you are eligible for a smart meter you will need to get one installed by ESB Networks to get paid for exactly what you export. Otherwise, you will get paid based on a deemed volume assumption determined by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).
If everything is submitted correctly to ESB Networks, they will send Energia a notification that the customer is eligible for the microgeneration scheme. We will then send you an email to let you know that we have received this notification. You do not need to do anything; we will set everything up for you.

How much will I be paid for the excess energy through the CEG payment?   

Energia currently offer our residential customers a rate of 18c per kWh exported to the grid.  

If you were registered with Energia before 15 February 2022 and meet all of the eligibility your first payment will be backdated to then otherwise your payment will be backdated to when your supply switched to Energia.

What is the rate per kWh for the Microgeneration scheme?

Energia offer a rate of 18 cent per kWh exported to the grid by our residential customers.

How will I know how much I have exported to the Grid?

The number of units that you have exported will be shown on your bill. You can also check this any time by pressing the left blue button on your smart meter 7 times until you see A- in the top right hand side of the screen. This will display the quantity of units of electricity you have exported to the national grid.  If you do not have a smart meter please refer to the FAQ 'How is a deemed export calculated'

How will I receive my payment and how often?

You will receive your payment on your electricity bill and the payment will be made in line with your regular billing cycle. For example, if you receive an electricity bill from us bi-monthly then the payment will also be made bi-monthly. 

Will I have a separate account for my Export?

No, your export account will be linked to your electricity acount. 

What is the difference between metered export and deemed export?

Typically the export type is dependent on the meter you have at home. For example, a smart meter has a metered export type, meaning the actual energy generated is measured and payment is made accordingly. All other meters have what’s called a deemed export.

This export type assumes that the majority of the electricity generated is being used in the home. This calculation has been decided by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) with government oversight. There is no mechanism to change this amount except for the installation of a smart meter to record actual consumption and therefore the surplus generated.

Your energy provider has no role in determining this export value. Some SMART meters with poor connectivity may also receive deemed usage. 

How is deemed export calculated?

The calculation of the deemed export is based on the following factors and has been set by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).

The following formula determines the Deemed Export Quantity:

Deemed Export Quantity= MEC x Capacity Factor x Export Factor x Provision Interval

  • MEC – This will come from the NC6 form which the customer is required to submit to ESBN.
  • Capacity Factor – This is based on a calculation from the CRU and is set at 9.7%
  • Export Factor – This is based on a calculation from the CRU and is set at 35%
  • Provisional interval – This is a calculation used for solar installations that takes account of how Microgeneration works in practice during the day and from season to season.

It’s important to note that you will need a smart meter to be eligible for actual metered exports.

I don't have a Smart Meter but have Microgeneration installed, am I still eligible?

For customers that are not yet eligible for a smart meter:

  • ESBN will provide a deemed (estimated) export
  • You must complete an NC6 form with ESBN
Please note, if a customer has refused or refuses the installation of a smart meter, then they will not be eligible for a deemed export profile.

If a customer has refused or refuses the installation of a smart meter and now wants to avail of the scheme, they must request the installation of a smart meter, this can be done through their supplier or ESBN. Please note that payment will only be paid from the installation of the new SMART meter. 

Do I get tax back / need to advise of income for taxation?

Your CEG payment will be based on the quantity of kWh you export to the grid at the rate offered by Energia. There is no published guidance for customers in relation to the VAT treatment of electricity exported to the grid by customers.

If customers have any queries in relation to their VAT or income tax compliance obligations in relation to electricity exported, they should contact the Revenue Commissioners.

I haven’t gotten confirmation from Energia that I am eligible for the Microgeneration scheme?

Energia receive a notification from ESB Networks to let us know that a customer is eligible for the microgeneration scheme. We automatically set this up for the customer and send them an email to let them know we have received confirmation that they are eligible for the scheme.
If you have not heard from us but have submitted everything correctly, please contact ESB Networks to check the status of your application. You can call ESB Networks on 1800 372 757.

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