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Why Heat Pumps?

It’s all about efficiency. For every kWh of electricity a heat pump uses, it can create over 3 kilowatts of heat energy. That makes a heat pump a whopping 300% efficient. For the nerdy among you, we call this it’s Coefficient of Performance (COP).  In contrast, the COP for oil or gas boilers, is, at best, about 90%. To recap. A heat pump is 300% efficient. Oil or gas 90%.

This should give you some idea of how incredibly efficient heat pumps are.  The biggest difference our customers find after installing a heat pump is the increased comfort of their home. They enjoy a comfortable and consistent temperature all day and night. 

Other benefits include:

Reduction on your heating bills through improved energy efficiency and no more burning fossil fuels so you are supporting the environment by reduction in your household CO2 emissions.


Unlike an oil fired central heating system, with an air source heat pump there is no smell, no risk of spillage, no risk of oil theft, no price volatility or inconsistency of supply.

Your heat pump can be controlled by a wall mounted display, and even remotely, via your smartphone.

A heat pump is clean, efficient and low maintenance with grants available of up to €3,500*.



*To avail of grants available one of the requirements for a dwelling to qualify for a heat pump system grant is to be “heat pump ready” as heat pumps are not suitable for all homes. They operate at a much lower temperature compared to gas and oil boilers. Your home must have excellent levels of insulation and air tightness before a heat pump is introduced. Our Deeper Retrofit Packages are excellent ways to bring your home to a ‘heat pump ready’ stage.   

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