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In the zone

By separating your hot water and radiators we can drastically reduce your energy bills. This allows you to turn on your space heating (radiators) and you hot water independently and at times that suit you. For Example – during the summer you may not need your radiators to heat; our modern programmer will allow you to heat your hot water cylinder only, eliminating the need to use your expensive immersion. Where possible we will install a completely separate zone for the bedroom areas, saving you further money on your energy bills.

Full Control

Manage heating and hot water independently.

Save Money

You'll save significantly when you stop heating areas of your house you're not using.

How it works


If you want to know more about zoned heating controls fill in our enquiry form or call us on 1850 719 372.


A certified representative from Energia's Cosy Home Scheme will contact you to discuss your requirements.


You'll have a cosy home in no time, we'll manage the entire project including safety test and grant draw downs.

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Fill in our enquiry form, or call us on 1850 719 372.

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