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Energia Fix Pay

Fix Pay Monthly Payments

Control Your Payments

We'll check your energy usage and recommend a monthly payment amount that will help you spread out your energy costs.

Choose Your Payment Date

Pay when you want - you can pick the date that's the most suitable for you, giving you control over your monthly payments.

Accurate payments

We review your payments and usage on a regular basis and adjust the payments accordingly. This ensures you're always paying the correct amount.  

Set Up Is Free

We'll set it all up for you, with no extra cost - we'll look at your current price plan and energy usage, and you still receive your direct debit discount.

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Fix Pay


Control your payments with Fix Pay


Bi-monthly payments can sometimes come as a bit of a shock, especially over the winter months. Energia's Fix Pay programme can help take the sting out of your bill. We'll monitor your energy usage and suggest a monthly payment that will spread your costs out over the year.
On Fix Pay, you still get billed bi monthly – but you pay regular monthly instalments that go towards your bills. If you end up paying too much, we'll refund you. If you pay too little, we'll contact you and adjust your monthly payment amount. You can contact us at any time to have your monthly payment amount reviewed.
You choose when you want to pay, we organise the rest.

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