Meter Readings

Gas and electricity meters are read four times a year by ESB Networks and Bord Gáis Networks. They then send us your meter reading so we can calculate your bill.

However as we bill you six times a year, for the remaining two bills we make an estimate based on your previous usage. To help improve the accuracy of this you can submit a meter reading yourself. To do this you will need your MPRN (or GPRN) and your meter reading.

Based on customer feedback, we will no longer send a meter read reminder email. However, we will continue to send a bill notification email to customers registered for Energy Online.

Submitting a Reading

To submit an Electricity Meter Reading over the phone simply call 1850 33 77 77, email or visit ESB meter readings.

To submit a Gas Meter Reading over the phone call 1850 427 732 or visit

Alternatively if you have an Energy online account you can also submit your meter reading there too. 

Meter Reading Guide


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