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Looking for Energia Northern Ireland?


This year Energia have undergone some big changes, including the recent rebranding of Energia Group, previously known as Viridian Group. As a result of these changes and a corporate restructuring, all Energia commercial customers with an address in Northern Ireland have transferred across to Power NI, Energia’s sister company in Northern Ireland.


What do these changes mean for you as a customer?

You don’t need to do anything. All customers previously with Energia still have the same Account Number and other than a change in branding, your bills and letters will continue to look the same as they did before.
Your previous Energia supply contract has transferred to Power NI, and any other important account details and payment arrangements remain unaffected.
You’ll be in safe hands. Power NI is Northern Ireland’s leading electricity supplier, supplying over 35,000 commercial customers and over 450,000 domestic customers in NI.

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