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How would you describe your project?

We recently developed an outdoor classroom which is centred around biodiversity. We planted trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, herbs, fruit trees and vegetables that attract pollinators. It has been described as an array of colour which captures the creativity and imagination of the children. Our garden also reflects the fun we have there and demonstrates how little steps lead to bigger steps to making positive changes to saving our environment. We plant to use every available space; pots, hanging baskets, beds, tyres area all used.  We plant easy to grow veg like cherry tomatoes, blueberry plants and loads of unusual edible plants for a school garden such as nasturtiums, scallions, lettuce, broccoli, onions and pumpkins in our raised beds.
Who does your project benefit?

Who does your project benefit?

Today's students are tomorrow’s leaders and education is the key to environmental protection. Our project addresses recycling, up-cycling, water management and even composting. We have shown the children, and the community,how easy and enjoyable it is to grow and sow, even in the smallest places. People in our community visit our garden to sit and chat and it makes them smile. It keeps the community spirit alive and brings people together.

What difference has the funding made to your project?

It was like winning the lotto for our project. It enabled us to create 2 new larger raised beds. We planted strawberries and wild strawberry, tumbling tomatoes in hanging baskets and cherry tomatoes in grow bags, potatoes, onion sets, lettuce, raspberry bushes and added more herbs to our herb garden. We planted blueberry plants in fab pink pots to complement the berries! We are able to sow past our wildest dreams and thoroughly enjoyed it and we are looking forward to our harvest! We also planted bee and bird magnet sunflower seeds, marigolds and nasturtiums to keep our garden buzzing, humming and singing. We have great fun.

l What difference has the funding made to your project?
What are your projects plans for the future?

What are your projects plans for the future?

Our garden invokes so much curiosity. People always see something new or different when they visit and we enjoy the feedback. Any part of our garden is replicable. And we hope that it will encourage more people not just to sow and grow at home, but to think how more effectively waste can be managed and how each one of us can be more sustainable. We will continue to sow and grow vegetables and fruit. Presently we are discussing building more raised beds outside the school and linking in with Tidy Towns and the wider community. We just want to keep going and Get Kilteevan Growing!

What would you like to say to Energia?

We are so grateful and delighted we were chosen to be part of this wonderful initiative. It makes such a difference in people's everyday lives, the length and breadth of the country. As we said Mother Nature really hit the jackpot with you guys in Energia and GIY. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much.

l What would you like to say to Energia?

Get Inspired. Get Involved. Get Growing!

Energia Get Ireland Growing applications have closed for 2018. Good luck to all the applicants!