Energy Efficient Heating

Here’s 5 great ways to SAVE money on your Heating Bills:

energia-icon-window-(1).jpg  Natural warmth

Let the sunshine heat your rooms during the day and then seal in that heat using curtains.

energia-icon-door.jpg  Heat seeker!

Only warm the rooms you’re using and keep doors closed for extra insulation.

energia-icon-heater.jpg  Here’s a hot idea

Only using one room? Then use a portable heater rather than the central heating.

energia-icon-thermostat.jpg  Time to get toasty

Make sure all your heaters have thermostats and timers and keep them set.

energia-icon-boiler-(1).jpg  Service with a smile!

A regular boiler service could save you up to €150 in energy costs.

Saving tip

Change a little, save a lot! Turning your thermostat down by 1% could cut your heating energy usage by up to 10%! You won’t notice the temperature difference, but the planet will love you for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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