Energy Efficient Lighting


Let the sunshine in!
Let the sunshine in!
If possible, let daylight in and reduce unnecessary lighting.

Energia Sensor
It's the time of the season
... to use lighting sensors or timers to help manage your lighting usage.

Energia Lightbulb Moment
Lightbulb Moment
Keep lightbulbs clean and free of dirt to guarantee great performance.​

Brighten up the place
Brighten up the place!
Dark colours absorb light whereas light colours reflect and bounce it. A new lick of paint with a light
colour (off-white, beige, blue, green etc.) can help reflect light inside your room and make the space look bigger.

Another bright idea
Another bright idea.
They sound complicated but Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) lightbulbs are very easy to use and a whole 80% more efficient than standard bulbs. They’re just as bright, last ten times longer and could save you €60 over their lifetime.

Shine on
Shine on!
If you thought CFL lightbulbs were impressive wait until you try LED lightbulbs. They’re a little bit more
expensive than CFLs but last even longer – anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours!

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