Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting accounts for 11% of energy bills in the home. Here are some tips on how to reduce your lighting costs:

  • CFL bulbs are 80% more efficient than standard bulbs, are just as bright and last ten times longer. They save €60 on average over their lifetime.
  • LED bulbs last even longer, saving even more over their lifetime, although the initial cost is higher than CFL bulbs.
  • Lighting sensors or timers allow you to cut down on unnecessary lighting.Let the sunshine in! Allow daylight in whenever possible to reduce use of lighting.
  • Re-decorate! If you paint your walls in light colours, they will reflect more light, so you need less lighting in the area.
  • Keeping lightbulbs clean and free of dirt will make them more efficient.


Saving Tip

If you replace three regular incandescent bulbs with CFLs using three hours of electricity per day, you could save up to €43 a year. (SEAI)

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