FREE* Netatmo with every €85 Gas Boiler Service


For a limited time only we are offering a FREE* Netatmo thermostat, including installation, with every Gas Boiler Service you purchase (Dublin & Cork region only).

Our Gas Boiler Servicing is carried out by RGII registered gas installers in compliance with Irish Standard I.S.813 and current Health & Safety regulations.

Gas Boiler Servicing includes:

  • 28 point boiler health check
  • 45 minutes of labour
  • Service safety check
  • Electrical checks
  • 30 day warranty on service
  • Boiler Efficiency Check.

If there are any repairs required, we'll give you a quote for the costs and arrange another appointment if needed.

Netatmo Smart Thermostat

The Netatmo smart thermostat gives you remote control of your heating from a smartphone, tablet or PC giving you the ability to make real savings by being far more energy efficient. So if for example you are out and your plans change you will never have to return home again to a cold house or waste money heating an empty one! See what you could save here. (Energy savings are indicative and are calculated by the Senova calculator. Energia do not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of the calculator.)

Netatmo is suitable for many homes but you must have the following:

  • Your system must be a single zone system that is capable of being upgraded to a system that qualifies as Entry Level Heating Controls with Remote Access according to SEAI’s Code of Practice and Standards and Specifications Guidelines.
  • Your home must have been built prior to 2006.
  • Previous upgrades to your boiler or heating system carried out by you or previous occupiers may render your home ineligible for Netatmo under SEAI’s Better Energy Homes programme guidelines.
  • A wireless broadband router and good wi-fi coverage across your home and a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop with Android, Apple or Windows (BlackBerry phones are not compatible)

*Terms and conditions apply. See here for further details.

If you are satisfied you match the above criteria please fill in your details below and a member of our Boiler Services Team will be in touch.

* indicates required information

  • Is your system a single zone heating system, i.e. you cannot heat your hot water and radiators separately. *
  • To your knowledge, have you or previous occupiers had upgrades carried out to your boiler or heating system under any other Energy Supplier or SEAI programme? *






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