Boilers and Home Heating

Stop wasting energy on your old boiler!
Boilers over 15 years old are only 65% efficient meaning for every €100 you spend on heating you’re losing €35!
Our boilers are over 90% efficient, so they use less fuel and have reduced emissions.  You’ll see the difference in your gas bill while reducing your carbon footprint.  
Our boilers can be used in conjunction with radiators, underfloor heating, electric storage systems and room heaters, keeping your home both cosy and efficient.
Magna Cleanse and Filter will further enhance the efficiency of your boiler and heating system.  The cleanse removes oxides to allow the water move easily and a cleanse of the radiators will remove blockages that cause cold spots.  The filter removes magnetic and non-magnetic material from the system, prolonging boiler life and maintaining efficiency.
Zoned Heating Controls will help to further lower your fuel costs with separate water and space heating functions.  Zoned areas with programmable timers allow you to heat only the areas you need.  
Room Thermostats ensure that your boiler automatically switches off when the room reaches your desired temperature. 
Cylinder Thermostats keep your hot water at the optimum temperature and you can pre-set your heating to come on with a digital 7 day time clock.
Energia customers can avail of substantial discounts and grants on all boiler and heating services at the Energia Centre.  Just ask one of our Energy Services Team for more information or call us on 1850 719 372.

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