Home Insulation

Did you know that a huge amount of your home heating can be wasted by not having the house properly insulated?  Heat can escape rapidly through your walls, your roof and your doors and windows.
We offer several different types of home insulation, each with unique properties designed to create a warmer energy efficient home.  
External Wall Insulation is highly effective and gives your home a new look while expelling moisture to eliminate dampness.  The process includes:
  • Adhesive Bonding Mortar
  • Expanded Polystyrene Insulation
  • Approved Mechanical Fixings
  • Reinforcing Mortar Layer with Glass Fibre Mesh
  • Primer
  • Decorative Top Coat Render
Internal Insulation or Dry Lining is a cheaper solution and can easily be included into a redecorating project in your home.  Insulation material is attached to the existing plaster work and finished with plaster board, which can then be decorated over.
Cavity Wall Insulation.  Cavity walls are filled with insulating material.  An expanded polystyrene material is injected in bead form with a binding agent into cavity walls. It is used to reduce heat loss and also helps to eliminate surface condensation in walls.  It’s quick and easy to pump insulation into cavity walls and makes a big difference to heat efficiency in your home.
Attic Insulation guarantees immediate savings in your heating costs.  Spray foam insulation is used to reach into small areas and fill most voids. This Home Insulation method is especially useful if there is a room in the attic, as you can insulate at rafter height.
Another option is a flexible fiber glass or Rock Wool insulation sizing from 100mm thick to 300mm thick depending on the specification of the job. This is one of the most cost effective ways to apply Home Insulation.
Windows and Doors.  As part of a Home Energy Upgrade, you should investigate the benefits of replacing your windows and doors.  We only use ‘A’ rated windows & doors. Our UPVC range reduces the need for continuous maintenance over the years as it does not rot, warp or crack. It’s easy to wipe clean and our doors and windows have the highest energy rating on the market.
Energia customers can avail of substantial discounts and grants on all insulation services at the Energia Centre.  Just ask one of our Energy Services Team for more information.


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