Solar Energy

How would you like to dramatically reduce your water heating costs using one of the most sustainable forms of energy?
Solar energy is now a genuine alternative to fossil fuels and can bring real financial and environmental benefits to your home.  Basically, the panels collect energy from the sun which is then used to heat the cold water in your cylinder.  
Our solar panels have been specifically developed for the Irish climate and have a life expectancy of 25 years.  
Our technicians are comprehensively trained to install solar systems neatly and effectively with the minimum of fuss as well as setting the systems up to optimise performance and energy production.
We offer two types of solar collectors for water heating – Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tube Collectors.
Energia customers can avail of substantial discounts and grants of up to 24% on solar systems at the Energia Centre.  Just ask one of our Energy Services Team for more information or call us on 1850 719 372.

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