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Smart Metering

Once fully operational, what data will be recorded on my smart meter?

Unlike traditional meters which record your electricity consumption and which were read every two months, when fully operational your smart meter will send details of your electricity consumption every day and reduce the need for estimated bills.

Each day, normally around midnight and via a secure 2G mobile network, your meter will send ESB Networks the total amount of electricity consumed over the previous 24 hour period. This reading will be used to provide information to support customer billing, customers switching suppliers and moving premises.

The meter will also records a more detailed breakdown of the electricity consumed in up to 30 minute periods. However, this information will only leave your home if you request this Energia or if you're not an Energia customer, through your own supplier.

In order to ensure the meter is working properly, the meter will also occasionally send ESB Networks diagnostic information about the meter itself.
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