Energy Saving Tips for the Home

October 06

Energia have put together some helpful energy saving tips for you.

Energy Saving Tips for the Home

There is never a bad time to find new ways to save on energy so we have put together some helpful energy saving tips for you:

Turn Things Off

Did you know that you can save up to €80 annually by turning off appliances not in use and not leaving them plugged in or on standby? Provided your appliances aren’t in use when you are out of the house, try to leave them unplugged and ease your electricity supply usage.

Home Economics

These simple tips can save you more than €40 a year:

·         Use the cold wash on your washer or set it to 30°C.

·         Consider buying a halogen oven; it uses 75% less energy and does the same cooking in less than half the time an electric oven would.

·         Wash up using a basin of some sort instead of allowing water to run hot.

·         Do not fill up your kettle to the brim and use only you need only.

·         Run full loads on your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher

Change Your Showerhead

Think about getting an electric shower, which heats up water instantly. If you have to use a boiler however, you might also invest in a water-efficient showerhead to control the amount of water released while still giving you a powerful shower sensation.

This could save an average family of four around €65 on water heating as an extra €95 if your water has a meter. Ask your water company if they give out these showerheads free as some water companies do.

Heating Controls

Set your boiler to produce hot water at the right temperature. Heat just the areas that are necessary, instead of all taps in the house, and install thermostats to dictate how warm each room should be. If you already have one, try dropping one degree on it during warmer periods of the day; you could make unbelievable savings – up to €75.

Change Your Bulbs

Replace your regular high-wattage incandescent bulbs with LED energy saving bulbs all around the house. They use less energy and go for up to ten times longer, saving you energy and replacement expenses. LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps come in a variety of shapes, fittings and sizes so you can use them anywhere in your home. This can save up to 45 annually and provide you with a cheaper alternative.

Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation

Walls without insulation lose up to 35% of a home’s heating while lofts can lose up to 25%. Wall insulation can save a typical three-bedroomed house owner up to €135 in heating expenses. The loft should have insulation to a height of 11 inches or more to prevent heat loss.

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