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Energia powering your New Year in 2019

PICTURE: 03 January 2018: Energia is helping to power your new year by completing four windfarms in Northern Ireland. The addition of 75 megawatts (MW) of green energy capacity to the island of Ireland via the new windfarms is enough to power over 38,000 households and the island’s carbon dioxide emissions w

Energia’s windfarms at Rathsherry (21 MW), Teiges (11 MW), Slieveglass (7 MW) and Cornavarrow (36 MW) were all completed and have started supplying power to homes and businesses throughout the island.
Energia Renewables is among Ireland's leading providers of sustainable green energy and 25% of Ireland’s wind power is provided through Energia to homes and businesses. Energia currently supplies over 1000MW of renewable energy and this will increase as Energia works to develop future projects.
Peter Baillie, Managing Director of Energia Renewables, commented; “Since 2009 Energia has invested over £500m in developing new windfarms. This brings the total number of turbines erected by the team to 153 since 2008.”
“The 1000 MW of renewable energy we supply is enough to power over 500,000 homes. It is the culmination of years of development work and careful construction management. This year Energia windfarms are contributing £2.0m p.a to local authority rates and £0.4m to local communities in Northern Ireland. ”
“We appreciate the ongoing support of local communities and are delighted to be providing vital community funding for the local areas for the lifetime of the windfarms"

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