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Energia shortlisted for 2020 SEAI Energy Awards

PICTURE: Energia shortlisted in the Renewable Energy Solutions category for its smart solar project work with Eirgrid and Moixa

Energia shortlisted for 2020 SEAI Energy Awards

Energia, Ireland’s leading energy provider, has been shortlisted for a 2020 SEAI Energy award in the ‘Renewable Energy Solutions’ category. The project, led by Energia, consisted of bringing smart battery and solar systems to Irish homes, in partnership with Eirgrid; Ireland’s transmission network operator and Moixa; a smart technology provider.

Under the flagship project, Energia recruited 20 homeowners to install an SEAI grant-funded battery and solar photovoltaic (PV) system in their homes. Optimised by Moixa’s GridShare software to intelligently manage the batteries, the system enables homeowners to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by generating renewable electricity from sunlight and storing any excess electricity generated for later use. Additionally, eligible participants have received a smart electric vehicle charge point to further reduce their carbon emissions.

The technology underpinning the system is a first for Ireland. It identifies a home’s renewable energy generation and consumption patterns and optimises the use of available flexible tariffs such as Energia’s variable day/night tariff. Each installed battery uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to maximise the value homeowners get from their systems. An app provides users with insights into their energy use with tailored guidance to encourage further savings. The smart batteries have also successfully delivered valuable flexibility services as part of a trial in association with Eirgrid to prove that smart home appliances can be of benefit to the national grid. Theses flexibility services were delivered in line with Eirgrid’s DS3 system service programme in support of their goal to deliver a secure and sustainable electricity system on the island of Ireland.

Energia believes in empowering its customers to evolve into prosumers, not just consuming energy but becoming more involved in producing and controlling when and how they use it. By enabling this, Energia’s customers can become key stakeholders in a collaborative transition to a zero-carbon energy system in Ireland. With this vision in mind, Energia have set out to create innovative offers that enable its customers to decarbonise their homes and help tackle the challenges of climate change and increase renewable energy generation on the Irish electricity grid.

Commenting on the pilot project and awards shortlisting, Joe Herbert noted; “This project is the first of its kind in Ireland and is an important innovation that has the potential to benefit homes across the country, saving an estimated 13.5 tonnes of CO2 over the lifetime of the project. It enables consumers to become prosumers, whereby they can generate their own electricity and actively partake in the national electricity markets, reduce their CO2 emissions, and increase sustainable energy usage that benefits their household and broader community. We are proud to partner with Eirgrid and Moixa, and are delighted that the project has been shortlisted as part of the 2020 SEAI Energy Awards”

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