About the switching process

Have you considered switching energy suppliers, but put it off because it seemed like too much hassle or a bit confusing?

Switching is actually pretty simple and straightforward. Best of all, switching electricity providers can save you money!
You can choose to sign up online, over the phone at 1850 300 700 or with one of our sales agents on your doorstep. Either way there are a few important details we will need from you:

  • Your full name
  • Address and phone number
  • Your MPRN and/or GPRN numbers (these numbers can be found on your current bill)
  • Your meter reading (how to read your meter)
  • Your bank account details if you are paying by direct debit

Once you’ve signed up with us, we’ll contact your old energy supplier and start the process of switching your energy account over to Energia. You do not need to contact your old supplier, we will take care of everything

Here’s what happens next:

1. Energia Registration Letter: You’ll receive this letter within a few days of signing up, confirming your details and the plan you’ve chosen.
2. Energia Welcome Pack: This contains your new Energia Account Number and lots of helpful information about your service. This should arrive within two weeks of signing up.
3. Your Final Bill from your old supplier: We will pass on your meter reading to your old supplier to ensure your final bill is accurate.
4. Your Energia Bill: Your Energia bill will be issued every two months, the exact date will depend on when your meter is normally read.

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