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*Please click here for additional information on how Estimated Annual Bill is calculated. For a breakdown of Estimated Annual Bill click here.

Electricity Overview

Tariff name Cheapest Elec 41%
Tariff type Fix pay only
Electricity supply region Urban and Rural
Payment type Direct Debit
Early exit fee €100
Billing Online billing
Tariff eligibility This tariff is only available to new customers
Unit rate per cent Standard rate
19.38 c/kWh
Discounted rate
11.43 c/kWh
Annual standing charge Fix rate pay per anum - urban
Fix rate pay per annum - rural
Annual PSO levy €34.08 ex. VAT, €38.68 inc VAT


Electricity estimated annual bill Standard Rates Discounted Rates
Your consumption (4,200 kWh) €813.96 €480.06
Annual standing charge €159.71 €159.71
Annual PSO levy €34.04 €34.04
13.5% VAT on all energy products €136.04 €90.96
Estimated annual bill (incl. VAT) €1,143.79 €764.77
Total savings €285.67 in year 1
*Calculation as per national average consumption, 24 hr meter and urban area.

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