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  • Save on average €286 a year
  • Estimated Annual Bill: €896*
  • 100% Green Energy
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*Please click here for additional information on how Estimated Annual Bill is calculated. For a breakdown of Estimated Annual Bill click here.

Electricity Overview

Tariff name Cheapest Elec 30%
Tariff type Fix pay only
Electricity supply region Urban and Rural
Payment type Direct Debit
Early exit fee €100
Billing Online billing
Tariff eligibility This tariff is only available to new customers
Unit rate per cent Standard rate per kWh
Discounted rate per kWh
Annual standing charge Fix rate pay - urban
Fix rate pay - rural
Annual PSO levy €41.71


Electricity estimated annual bill Standard Rates Discounted Rates
Your consumption (4,200 kWh) €839.16 €587.58
Annual standing charge €159.71 €159.71
Annual PSO levy €41.71 €41.71
13.5% VAT on all energy products €140.47 €106.52
Estimated annual bill (incl. VAT) €1,181.05 €895.52
Total savings €285.53 in year 1
*Calculation as per national average consumption, 24 hr meter and urban area.

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