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Queens LRFC: Womens Community Series Club Profiles


Queens LRFC Club Overview 🏉

Queens LRFC was founded in 1869 making it one of the oldest clubs in Ulster. One of the first coaches of the Women’s team was Ireland international and British and Irish Lion, Trevor Ringland. Trevor is still involved with supporting the club.
Looking into the future, Queens LRFC hope that their 1st XV team can move up to Energia AIL. This year, the club was added to the newly formatted Energia Community Series however due to COVID-19, they never got to play any matches. Having worked extremely hard this season, Queens LRFC 1st XV hope to carry the same drive and determination into the next season which they hope will take them far in regard to moving up. The club is growing year on year with new members. Due to this, there is hope to start a 3rd XV which would be a first for them.
As Queens LRFC are a university team, they face a lot more rules and regulations which can be challenging. Funding for the club is an issue as membership fees are low and they don’t have other sources of income such as clubhouses. Another struggle Queens LRFC face is securing a pitch for training. Competing with the men’s team and other GAA teams means it is often quite difficult to secure a pitch for their desired day and time. However, the team is working hard with Queens Student Union to battle the issue of equality between men’s and women’s teams.
 Queens LRFC look to their women’s community and team members Rachel McIlroy and Diane Ramsey as role models for the team. Together, the committee continually look for opportunities to showcase what Queens Ladies have to offer to promote the game to more women. Queens LRFC have a hard-working committee who support the players wherever they can. Throughout COVID-19, the committee has hosted online club dinner awards, shared home workouts and have hosted online quizzes to help keep team spirit and morale going. A special shout out goes to Ben Worsley who took a volunteer coaching role at Queens LRFC last year. Ben went over and beyond to teach rugby to women through an initiative “Give it a try.” Due to Bens enthusiasm for women’s rugby and genuine enthusiasm for the game, Queens LRFC retained a higher number of players last year in comparison to previous years.
With regards to the future of women’s rugby, Queens LRFC have signed a charter with to see more participation of women in sport and more spectators at women’s games. As a club, they would like to see more spectators at their games and see more coverage on the TV, especially provincial matches.

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