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Thurles RFC: Womens Community Series Club Profiles


Thurles RFC Club Overview 🏉

Thurles RFC is a stronghold in the rugby scene having been around since 1924. With some talented players coming through the ranks in both the women and men’s clubs, the club hope to see success in the coming years in both the senior and junior teams.
Like many other clubs, Thurles RFC experience struggles with funding which has adversely affected the club in many ways. Without the right funding, the club cannot gain access to the right resources to facilitate all their teams. The club continually train hard throughout the year and with a broader access to players and coaches, they strongly believe that they can reap the rewards of success. Bonding nights and reward ceremonies are a big part of the club, acknowledging players and coaches hard work throughout the year. These are often held in Thurles RFC Clubhouse which is the hub of the club. In the near future, the players would love to see the Clubhouse renovated so they can continue to enjoy team bonding.
Thurles RFC have many active volunteers who go above and beyond to help support the women’s teams. A special acknowledgment goes to coaches such as the late Bill Dwyer, David O’Sullivan and Sean Lanigan Ryan. Many past players have also come back to help out and even sponsor some activities for the club.
In terms of the future of women’s rugby for Thurles RFC, access to more resources, coaches, teams and players are all key factors in order to see the women’s rugby progress in the club. The club believe that with transferring so easy in the women’s rugby space, it is harder for smaller clubs to succeed. The teams note that if rules on transferring were tightened, smaller clubs may have the opportunity to build on the team they have and gain access to more players for exposure to bigger and better competitions. At present, the majority of Thurles RFC women’s players play on the 2nd and 3rd teams for AIL and often don’t get any game time. In the future, a dream for the club would be to have more coaches sent out to smaller clubs to allow more girls to get game time and experience better training session’s which would allow for progress in the game of women’s rugby.

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