SmartChoice Price Plan Terms & Conditions

Total discount is based on your chosen price plan options and applies to new customers only.  You must pay your bill by Direct Debit to avail of the Direct Debit Discount and register for Online Billing to receive the Online Billing Discount. If you cancel your Direct Debit payment or choose to switch to paper bill, you will lose these discounts.  From time to time we may issue promotional codes.  Only one promotional code will be accepted per customer registration.
Discounts are against Energia Standard Unit Rates.  Standing Charges also apply.  VAT applies at 13.5%.  The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy has been set at €2.84 ex VAT or €3.22 inc VAT per month from 1st October 2019. This applies to all domestic electricity customers irrespective of supplier.  The Carbon Tax has been set at €0.00471 per Kwh and is subject to 13.5% VAT.  This tax applies to all domestic natural gas customers, irrespective of supplier.
Your SmartChoice tariff discounts will apply for a period of one year from the date Energia is registered as your supplier.  After one year you will revert to Energia standard unit rates.  Once you have signed up to an Energia SmartChoice Tariff, there is a 14 day Cooling Off period, during which you may choose to cancel your agreement to switch. There is no penalty for cancelling during the Cooling Off period. If you cancel your service any time after the Cooling Off period and before the end of your contract, a termination fee of €50 per fuel will apply.
All prices are subject to change as per our Standard Terms and Conditions.

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