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Everyone’s ag caint about Seachtain na Gaeilge le Energia.

It’s fair to say that most of us have a difficult relationship with the Irish language. While many can have a stab at reading it or understanding it, very few of us speak it.

Seachtain na Gaeilge le Energia is a movement to help remedy this, by getting people to have fun with their native language.

As their main sponsors, we’ll do the same, using our Clever Quizzes, Event Maps & activities to create a fun online way to encourage people to use an teanga & share a little with us! 

An fhéile Ghaeilge is mó in Éirinn agus ar fud an domhain!

An fhéile Ghaeilge is mó in Éirinn agus ar fud an domhain!

Is féile idirnáisiúnta Ghaeilge í Seachtain na Gaeilge, atá ar an gceiliúradh is mó dár dteanga agus dár gcultúr dúchais a bhíonn ar siúl in Éirinn agus in go leor tíortha eile gach bliain.

Ambassadors 2018

The 2018 ambassadors for the festival, include: Snapchat star James Patrice, All Star winner Noel McGrath and TG4 weather presenter Caitlín Nic Aoidh.

l Ambassadors 2018

Clever Guide as Gaeilge

We want to get everyone speaking the cúpla focal and having a bit of craic with it too. You don’t have to be a gaeilgeoir to enjoy it either, you just need to get talking. To help you get a comhrá going, we’ve compiled a Clever Guide as Gaeilge, with some vital Irish phrases they probably never taught you in school!


We want to help you get involved in the craic, which is why we’ve produced a big map of all the action going on around the country. Wherever you are, there’s a great event happening nearby, and the only price of admission is a cúpla focal.

l  Imeachtaí

An Duine Cliste tú?

Are you a Clever Human? To help you get a comhrá going, we’ve compiled Clever Activities to get your family & friends involved in this year’s Seachtan na Gaeilge le Energia! Bain Triail Aisti – Surprise Yourself!

Bain Triail Aisti

Surprise Yourself!