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How to ditch single use plastics
How to ditch single use plastics
PICTURE: How to ditch single use plastics
DECEMBER 11 2023
Check out these 5 easy tips to make sure you start living more sustainable!
Are you prepared to use your environmental superpowers to save the world, one drink at a time? We have an easy-to-follow guide that can help you improve your green game. Let's get started and see how a few simple adjustments may have a huge impact!

1.   Bring your own reusable grocery bag

Did you know that using a reusable tote bag can save thousands of plastic bags from ending up in landfills? On your next shopping trip, we recommend packing your bits and bobs in a reusable tote bag or a canvas bag. Simple, easy, and the earth wins!

2.   Say goodbye to plastic cups

Did you know that using reusable plastics is an easy and effective way to fight against single-use waste? Replace single-use cups with reusable ones, like a reusable coffee cup. You can even opt for a personalised reusable coffee cup. Choose stainless steel if you want to look particularly stylish. Save the environment and hydrate in style.

3.   Embrace reusable containers

Reusable plastics are going to revolutionise your life if you start adopting them. From lunchboxes and reusable plastic cups to the dependability of steel water bottles, choosing these products will have a significant positive impact on the environment. Enjoy the beneficial knock-on impact as you consciously move towards a more environmentally friendly future.

4.   Sip in style with stainless steel water bottles

A stylish stainless-steel bottle will up your water game. Stainless steel water bottles keep your water cold but also reduce the demand for plastic cups. Fantastic for Mother Earth and good for you.

5.   Straws made of plastic? Simply say, "No."

Paper, stainless steel straws, or bamboo straws are more stylish than plastic ones, so throw them away. Drink sensibly; tiny actions make a great difference.

Cheers to you! You're not simply drinking when you replace plastic straws with reusable ones; you're creating a statement. Together, small efforts have a big impact and are changing the conversation about single-use waste. Follow our Instagram page to see more.