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6 Energy-Saving Tips for Renters
Plug outlet in a wall
PICTURE: Plug outlet in a wall
NOVEMBER 30 2023
Though you may not be able to make any big structural changes in your rented property, there are lots of easy ways to save energy and in turn help to reduce your energy bills.
In the latest instalment of our #WinterReady series, we’ve got 6 #HelpfulHacks that will help reduce those bills (while keeping you snug as a bug). And as ever, the brilliant Laura de Barra (aka Gaff Goddess) will also be sharing a host of hacks on her TikTok page and on our Instagram page.... be sure to check us out!

1.  Insulate Those Windows

Many renters' worst nightmare is having draughty windows, but there is still hope. The best way to insulate windows is to opt for thick curtains and keep them closed at night to trap heat within the home. Secondary glazing film is handy too – you shrink this plastic onto windows with a hairdryer to help to seal up tiny gaps and leaks of chilly winter air.

2.  Go Electric

The easiest way to save electricity is by investing in an electric blanket. They can help reduce how much you use your heating system, as you don’t need to heat the entire house or room. Newer models feature up to four panels, so partners can personalise their heating preferences without interrupting each other’s sleep – delightful!
3.  Bleed the Rads

Are your radiators cold at the top but hot at the bottom? Most likely, the system's trapped air is to blame for this. Using a radiator bleed key (and a few towels or bowls), you can gently open the top valve - that’s the little square peg in a round hole - to let air out and water fill the radiator.

4.  Grab a Draught Excluder

Weighted draught excluders run along the bottom of your door and help stop cold air from circulating from room to room. Draught proofing strips can also be used on your windows. They’re a cheap and effective way of insulating your home, plus you can get some adorable animal designs!
5.  Fry Like the Wind

Can air fryers save you money? The answer is yes, as cooking can consume a lot of energy, particularly when using several appliances at once. Air fryers cost a fraction of the money it takes to run a conventional oven, as they heat only the food inside instead of the air around the food. They’re pretty handy too - you can even make a roast dinner in one!
6. Wrap up your Cylinder

A lagging jacket will help keep your hot water cylinder, well... hot! The best lagging jacket would be one at least 80mm thick. This way, your water will stay warm for longer, saving you on energy in the long run.

That’s it for this week’s #WinterReady. Stay tuned for our next instalment, where we’ll be sharing tips on the best energy - saving home gadgets.