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Easy Home DIY Projects

After spending all that time at home maybe you feel your space needs a spruce up. Not every home upgrade has to break the bank. We share some simple and easy DIY projects you can complete in a weekend, and not spend an absolute fortune on. 

DIY Feature wall:

A lick of paint can go a long way towards adding new life to an old space. Maybe you have a box room or a living room that's now looking dull, updating the space with a fresh coat of paint can do wonders.
To transform a room try painting a feature wall, a contrasting colour will instantly elevate your room and can even create more depth and space. If you prefer patterns over solid colours and a high-quality finish, creating a feature wallpaper wall can also bring more colour, light and warmth into a room.

DIY Stencil Project:

If it’s the kids’ room that needs an update why not try using some creative stencils.  Creating a themed kid’s bedroom or adding details to a small nursery can easily be achieved with some good quality stencils. Start with a base coat and then paint over your stencil with spray paint or regular wall paint. Choose a simple design for a clean finish, creating a jungle, or fairy room will be easy. 

Upcycling your furniture:

Maybe it's the furniture in your home that needs an update, choosing to upcycle or repurpose old furniture can breathe new life into it. You could upcycle anything from an old chest of drawers to a ring-stained coffee table.
All you really need is some sandpaper, paints, and primer. For a modern look use paint with a satin finish and for an antique feel choose a chalky finish. If you're feeling brave you could even create some details by adding accent colours.

Easy Kitchen DIY Project:

Upcycling doesn't just stop with tired furniture, you can revamp your entire kitchen with a new colour of paint. Follow the same process of sanding, priming, and painting. Add in a designer detail to your once worn cabinets, by changing out any handles with new modern, brass or porcelain handles.
If you have a wooden varnish and would prefer to keep it close to the original style, simply try sanding down your cabinets, re-staining the wood and updating your handles. It can shift the whole feel of your kitchen to a fresh and new space. 

Garden DIY Projects:

Take your upcycling skills outside and update your front door with a new coat of paint, or head to the garden fence for a colourful refresh.
Update your outdoor space even more with your own DIY fence herb planters. This is easily created with a couple of small plant pots, herbs to sew and potholders, all easily available at most home stores. 
Evenly attach each potholder to your fence and place your potted herbs in each holder. It’s a very stylish and simple way to create your own hassle-free herb garden. For more advice for your garden follow our vegitable growing tips and tricks guide.

Install Picture Shelves:

If sanding and painting is not your kind of DIY, adding other simple DIY projects into your home can update and change your space easily.
Updating your office space or living room with some picture ledge shelves, stop you crowding the mantle with family photos and becomes a simple design element in a room. If you are super handy you can easily create these shelves with scrap wood otherwise, they are easily sourced in most homeware stores.

DIY Gallery Wall:

You can give any room in the house a major style boost with a gallery wall. You can include anything from photographs, paintings, prints or postcards to create your own personalized gallery.  We recommend sticking to 1-3 larger pieces and adding in a variety of smaller prints or photographs to fill the spaces in between. 
Don't be afraid to mix up the colour of your frames and prints. If you prefer to choose only family photographs, try using all black and white photographs for a clean and classic look.
Test out your layout first on the floor of your room and measure each frame's placement on the wall. Use either post it notes or a pencil to mark where you will hang each piece, and just like that you will have your very own gallery wall.

Adding extra lighting:

Adding in extra lighting into your home is a quick and fuss free DIY project. This could be anything from an accent light in the dining room to lamps throughout the house. To simply change the look and feel of your home try updating some of your lights to smart lighting. Using a warmer light setting can make a space cosy while bright lights can be brilliant in a home office.
Tackling any home DIY projects can be daunting but, with our simple tips, you can revamp your space in a day. After all, sometimes the best DIY’s are ones you can do in a weekend.
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