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Energia Insights | Issue 1 | Smart Metering Expectations

Energia have recently launched Energia Insights, an interesting quarterly summary report which presents results and insights from our quarterly online customer survey. We launched our first survey in December 2020 asking our customers about their thoughts and expectations of Smart Metering and other related sustainable initiatives. With verified responses from 1,000 customers on 10 distinct questions, read for yourself what Energia customers had to say.

  • 45% of Energia customers 'have not heard anything' or know very little about Smart Meters.

  • 87% of Energia customers say they do not yet have a smart meter installed so we're expecting a slow but steady uptake on new smart energy plans in general in Ireland over the next few years.

  • Most customers do know and associate new Smart Meters with the convenience of not having to submit meter reads. Many customers did prompt an 'evolution of the energy industry' as another key link.

  • Price comes out tops when our customers are considering a new energy provider. There is a growing awareness and desire to link in with 100% green energy providers, and a company that has excellent customer care and online account management.

  • Over 80% of customers need and want to know more about how smart meters work and how energy in Ireland works.

  • Data security is a common query customers are having when prompted about smart meters. They want to know how their energy will be used, how the data is sent and whether smart meters are safe! 

  • Most customers are intrigued to know the direct benefits to bills and how Time-of-use tariffs can benefit them.

  • Out of the many media channels provided to customers, TV is STILL king when it comes to sharing awareness. And Online trumps Print. Energia will continue to serve new and creative TV ad campaigns throughout 2021!

  • Over 95% of Energia customers own some sort of smart product. Most customers now have smart bulbs, smart pugs, smart speakers, as smart thermostats and smart tvs in their home. We're all on the journey to smarter, greener and more energy efficient living already!

  • 1 in 5 customers, 20% of Energia customers, either own or will purchase an EV as their next car choice. This is very promising! This question welcomed a lot of engaged comments and feedback. Customers are clearly interested in electric cars, but there's still hard work required in building trust in the EV industry together with making them more afforable and improving charging point access around the country.

If you want to know more about Smart Metering you can check out all our FAQs and info here.

Also if you do have a smart meter installed and you're keen to explore Energia's new smart energy plans, check them out here.
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