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5 A-Mazing Halloween Films You Need to See

There’s nothing I (Prof. Philip) love more than a scare before bedtime around Halloween. Sure you can’t bate a top horror movie on a dark night!

Inspired by the tests on humans in the lab, I’ve picked five of my favourite a-Mazing films if you are lookin’ for a scary film to watch this Halloween.

1. The Shining: a classic, Jack, a writer, brings his human wife and human son to a hotel in the middle of nowhere to look after it for the winter. His son is seeing strange stuff all over the place. In time his Dad starts to see what the hotel has been hiding….lads and lassies it’s great…Redrum…

2. Pans Labyrinth: even though this film has a human child in it, don’t let your little humans watch it! Ofelia, a little human with a wicked step-father and bed ridden mother, believes she is a queen in an underground world, she has to do 3 scary things in the labyrinth to get back to her underground kingdom. Got a couple of good frights from this one!            

3. Maze runner: well this one is what it says on the tin…loads of teenagers are trapped in a maze that keeps changin’. It’s not THAT scary so it’s a good one to watch with wusses you know, like Prof. Reggie!

4. Inception: this is a class film about dreams and secrets and stealin’ and there’s a maze in it. Here’s a clip that we don’t own:

5. Enter the Dragon: Nothin’ like a bit of Kung Fu in a movie at Halloween and this one is mad altogether! Bruce Lee is fighting off drug dealers. At one stage they have a brilliant fight in a maze of mirrors!

Once you’ve watched these a-mazing Halloween movies, why not try getting out of a maze with your friends for real!

Myself and Prof. Reggie are testing humans in Dublin on 6th Nov in a real life maze and are lookin for test subjects.

All you have to do is prove you are a #cleverhuman by competing in our A-Mazing Challenge with up to four of your human friends. How clever are you?

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