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Energia: 5 Clever Irish start-ups to watch in 2017

If there is one thing the team in the Energia lab love to see it’s clever humans starting their own businesses. This year there are lots of exciting start-ups to watch in Ireland. Here are 5 we think are ones to watch.

Irish startup in a meeting

1. Glissed: Hair and makeup at home
Need to get your hair and makeup done for a wedding, work function or night out? There’s no need to run around town any more. Glissed allows you to book an appointment with a professional who will come to your own home. How handy is that? At the moment it’s only available in the greater Dublin area but we are sure in time it will become more and more popular across the country.

2. ParkPnP: Find your perfect parking space
If you have ever struggled to find a parking place in a city around Ireland this could be is the answer to you prayers. Known as the AirB&B for parking, it allows people with unused spaces to rent them out to people who need them. Simple but effective idea. People are already listing places in Dublin, Cork and Galway. Founder, Garret Flower, hopes to grow the business across Europe and eventually to turn some of the world’s most congested cities into smart cities were all available space can be easily accessed by those who need it.

3. Popdeem: rewards for sharing
Sharing is no longer just caring for companies who use this social media related Irish start-up. Popdeem allows brands to reward sharers with coupons, competitions or loyalty points. It’s a win-win, the post is seen by more people while you get a nice reward for taking the time to share it.

4. CYC-Lok: secure your bicycle
The favoured form of transport for many people getting around our congested cities is cycling…but where to leave your bike? That’s where CYC-lok come it, you make have noticed this Irish start-up have installed their secure bicycle lock up at your local train, bus or DART station. The best thing about it is it is a locker that you put your wheels into and not just something you lock it to and hope for the best.

5. Sportdec: all the football in one place
Ever get tired of having to use 3 or 4 different apps, watch Match of the Day and RTE sports to find out what’s happening in the football? We are, which is why we love Sportdec. Founded by sports fans for sports fans, this app has all the information you need about football in one place.

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