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Energia: Testing humans; behind the scenes

You've seen the ad:

Now check out what happened behind the scenes with our exclusive photos!

Our guinea pig scientist Philp is in the lab with his colleague ready to experiment…

The guinea pigs heads were filmed on a green screen then their heads were stuck on to men wearing fat suits. Four years of drama school for this…


One of our stars getting into character...


Shake your tail feather…


Although Philip had a beautiful squeak we went with a voice over in the end…


We tried lots of different voices for Philip’s colleague, in the end we chose one that sounds suspiciously like… have a listen and let us know who you think it is in the comments!

Check out the retro lab…just don’t press the red button!


The team exploring the lab...


We tried lots of different tests in the human test maze but we settled on a real world thing that we all do; realising the toaster is not plugged in!


Now, to save money or not? G’wan the red headed fella!


Right on the money!


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Did you know? Guinea pigs are smart animals – with patience and lots of treats you can teach them to beg for food or differentiate between colours.

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