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Family Tips for Halloween

👻 Family Tips for Halloween 🎃


You know it’s almost Halloween when…
Your favourite coffee shop begins brewing pumpkin spice into every hot cuppa. Golden leaves crunch underfoot and crisp autumn air clashes with the first chills of frost.
Halloween has its roots in the Gaelic Samhain Festival and is a wonderful time for families and friends to come together and have fun.
But remember staying warm, safe and cozy always comes first.


 💭 Things to think about this Halloween:



Think ahead to how you are going to keep the heat in even when those Trick or Treater’s keep calling to the front door. Make sure your boiler has been serviced and your home is well insulated ahead of Halloween. For more information see Energia’s Cosy Homes Scheme.


Whether you a typical ‘Adams family’ or the perfect family - have the neighbours around for a party. Play some games, make some slime and remember Bob the Apple? In the case of Halloween you might just find the old games are the best games!


Stay visible. Witch, wizard, werewolf or banshee attach reflective strips to dark-coloured costumes, plan a route, make sure they stay traffic aware and always accompany little ones.

4.  BEWARE - Sparks might fly

 Just like other family occasions when everyone comes together - sparks might fly. And when it comes to real sparks and flames - be safe at all times. Invest in non flammable costumes, never leave candles unattended and educate everyone on how to be safe with fireworks, bonfires and near open flames.

5. Look After your pets!

Don’t forget to mind the fur babies of the family on Halloween night. Keep all pets safe inside away from the front door with food, water and soothing music to block out scary sounds. 

Then pop on a Halloween movie the whole family can enjoy. An oldie like Gremlins or a goody like Hotel Transylvania... make sure everyone’s scare-o-metre is satisfied.

6. Have a Free–ky weekend

 Look beyond Halloween night to see what else is out there! For more great ways to have a family fun weekend check out our Free-kend Map guide about what to do near you on the spookiest weekend ever.

⚡ Energia - The power behind the perfect Halloween weekend 🎃

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