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Energia's Green Guide to Moving Home

Take some of the stress out of moving with a good clear out before you start packing away your things. Our green guide to moving home will make it easier to decide what stays and what goes – what to repair, recycle, rehome or resell.

🔨 Repair:

Sometimes your old furniture and clothes just need some TLC to make them good as new. A little painting or a needle and thread can help make things last longer and reduce waste when you’re moving home. Plus, repairing sparks our creativity and renews our appreciation for some of the everyday things we take for granted.

🏠 Rehome:

Invite your friends and family over to have a root through all the things you don’t want anymore. That cupboard that you haven’t opened in years may be just what your best friend is looking for.
Giving to charity shops is also a sustainable way to part with your things while supporting your local community. It’s always handy to call ahead to check what they accept and if the shop has space for your donation. And make sure everything is clean and usable before dropping it off.

💰 Resell:

We’ve all bought bits and pieces that seemed like a great idea at the time but are now gathering dust with the tags still on. Reselling is a great way to give your unwanted items a new lease of life and sites such as eBay, Depop and make it easy to find them a new home. And, of course, there’s the added bonus of making a little extra cash which could help cover some of the expenses of moving home.

♻️ Recycle:

Recycling is about more than just cardboard, cans and plastic. Check out to discover all of the things you can recycle at home and where to recycle more challenging items like large electronics and furniture.
Clothes that are damaged or not in good condition can be recycled at your local clothes bank. Or pop into your nearest H&M store where they’ll recycle clothes and textiles of any brand in any condition and give you a voucher towards your next purchase.

💼 Repurpose:

When it comes to moving day, there are plenty of ways to cut down on non-recyclable bubble wrap and styrofoam. Protect fragile items sustainably by wrapping them in blankets, towels, clothes and old newspapers. And reduce the number of cardboard boxes you need by packing some of your things in suitcases, bags and any other containers you have lying around your house.
As Ireland’s Greenest Energy Supplier, we provide 100% green energy to all our customers. Find out more here.

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