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How to save money with your phone

Do you ever think about the number of devices the phone in your pocket replaces? It was only when we saw this image again recently we were reminded of just how powerful this mini-computer is!

What reminds us of its value is the monthly bill and the cost of a replacement if it gets lost or stolen. We don’t know how you feel but consensus in our office is we would rather lose our wallet than our phone!
It got us thinking though, are there ways to recoup some of the costs of having a smartphone either by using it to save money in other areas of life or indeed to save money on the phone itself. Here are our top money saving tips using your smartphone;

1. Get the best deal for your needs

This may be obvious but it is often overlooked as our contracts roll from one to another or we keep topping up with the same amount. Take a few minutes to see if how you use your phone has changed. Chances are the free calls and texts that meant so much two or three years ago are now rarely used. And the limited amount of data is just about lasting the month. Think about dropping into an independent retailer like Carphone Warehouse who offer phones from all the networks to see what might work best for you.

2. Get a money tracker

If you are anything like I was, beginning the week with cash in your wallet that is gone by Friday but you don’t know where, this is a game changer. Now, it takes a bit of discipline but it really is worth it. Download a money tracker like Spending Tracker available on both Apple and Android and start tracking your expenses. I try to add ad hoc expenses as I am leaving the shop or restaurant. Tracking money allows you to see where your money is going. You can then decide if it is something you feel is worth it or if it is something you want to cut.

3. Try Pricespy

This is a brilliant app for comparing prices. What’s even better is there is an Irish specific version so you can find the best price available in online or offline Irish stores. It’s worth checking whether you are buying a tent or a laptop! You might save a lot without the hassle of traipsing from shop to shop.

4. DoneDeal

Looking for something but the new version is too pricey? Save some money by checking out used versions on This option comes with a couple of caveats; this will not save you money if you buy EVERYTHING, it can be a little addictive, also buyer beware, it is a private sales site so make sure you check the quality of anything you are buying. The other option is to sell some things yourself that you may not use anymore, declutter your home and make a few bob, win, win!

5. Banking Apps

Most of the Irish banks have apps with money management functions of some sort associated with them. These apps are also an easy way to set up direct debits to your savings accounts. A good tip is, set them up to leave your account the day after you are paid, that way you don’t have a chance to spend the money!

Have you any other tips to save money the easy way that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you in the comments.
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