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Moving House Checklist

Between moving vans, packing boxes and remembering to transfer your energy bills to your new place, moving can be stressful. That's why we've put together a handy checklist to help get you packed and settled into your new place with a bit more peace of mind.

Before Moving Out

Take a look at your energy meter: Take a photo of your meter reading or write it down before you move out to help make your final bill as accurate as possible. Give Energia a call as soon as you can on 1850 405 405, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Learn more about moving house with Energia.  
Arrange moving services: Whether this is a man with a van, your friend with a van, or your own van, make sure you’ve made the necessary arrangements and that all your belongings make it to your new place with you.
Packing boxes: If you’re short on packing boxes, duck down into any nearby shops—oftentimes they’ll keep back a few boxes and will give you a few if you’re lucky. 
Redirect your Post: It costs a bit to redirect your post through An Post but it’s sometimes worth the peace of mind to know that your mail will end up in your hands and no one else’s. 
Irish Water: Make sure to let Irish Water know that you’re moving house. 
Local Property Tax: If you own your home, it’s a good idea to double check that your payments are up to date. If you’ve paid in advance, keep in mind that you won’t get a refund if you move. 
Cancel your waste collection : If you have bin collection services, give them the heads up that you’re moving and either cancel or redirect your account to your new place. 
Cut your cable cord: Same goes for cable—make sure you either cancel or update your account.

Moving Day

Communication is key: If you’re moving into a new flat, make sure you communicate with the landlord about when you’ll be arriving so you have access to your new place. Keep in mind that if you’ve arranged for your things to be packed at a certain time, it will take time to load them and make your way before you arrive.

After Moving In        

Give us a call. Make sure you’ve got your account number, the MPRN and/or GPRN at your new address and the meter reading when you move in. Learn more about moving house with Energia.

Update your Television License: Bring your existing license to your nearest post office along with a bill or post at your new address to prove your new location and update your license. The good news? Updating your license is free.
Call up your waste collection company: Arrange for a new account if you didn’t have one previously. 
Dial up your cable company: Sign up for a new account if you didn’t transfer yours from your previous location.

Change your address in the electoral register. You have until November 25 to make any updates to your details. 

Update any and all licenses, insurance policies, services that might send you a bill, or registrations that require use 
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