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Turn Your Home Into a Green Machine

As we move from Spring into Summer, the whole world is going green. And we’re not just talking about the leaves on the trees: in part thanks to the recent news about climate change and dangers to our planet, the people of Ireland are embracing activities that can positively impact the environment like never before.
As you may already know, a huge chunk of Energia’s energy comes from renewable energy sources like wind power and bioenergy, so if you’re with us you’re already helping the environment.
But what you might not know is that we offer several schemes and grants through our Cosy Homes initiative that make your home more energy efficient, turning it into a green energy machine and lessening your impact on the environment even further.
Summer is a great time to get these changes in – with the nice weather and the grand stretch in the evenings we all love, it’s a good time to make renovations and take the new step improving your home and becoming more energy efficient. Energia will handle all the paperwork for you too, so it won’t eat into your summer holidays. If you are interested make an enquiry today.

Grants to Support Better Energy Home Scheme:


Energia work with partners across the island of Ireland to bring SEAI’s Better Energy Home Scheme and the Irish Governments’ Home Renovation Incentive to homes. We look at different scheme and grants and try providing opportunity to our customers to avail of these services to support the use of green energy in Ireland.


Do you need Gas Boiler Servicing & Replacement?


We’ll service, diagnose and repair your gas boiler. If you need to replace and upgrade to a high efficiency condensing boiler, we can do that too! Energia customers can save up to €1,500 and look forward to a 30% reduction on their energy bill. Best of all? It only takes about 45 minutes. It is simple and easy to become more energy efficient in Ireland.

Make your home at Smart home with Energia’s Smart Thermostat:


Got a smart phone? Take control of your heating with the Netatmo Smart Thermostat – You can control and monitoring you heating from an app on your phone. Arrive home to a cosy home and keep track of your heating with the touch of a button.


Preserve energy with Home Insulation:


Not having your home properly can lead to wasting a huge amount of home heating. Get ready for winter with our attic, cavity wall and dry lining insulation. Make sure your house is properly insulated, one step closer to complete green energy living. Energia customers save up to €500 on this job, with a further 30% potential reduction on their energy bill.


Solar Panels Installation:


We know this one is a bit optimistic, but with our dual-coil cylinder flat plate collectors you can generate your own hot water in the warmer months of the year. It means you don’t always have to use your boiler to heat your water and utilising green energy to heat your water at home.
To get started with Energia’s Cosy Home initiative contact us today. Take the first step and make your home the green energy machine it is destined to be.

Upgrade Your Home.

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