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Get Up to 30% Funding for Energy Efficiency Projects

Energia has great news for your business. You can receive up to 30% in funding for energy efficiency projects in lighting, heating, refrigeration, variable speed drives and compressors.

We are taking part of the Better Energy National Upgrade, meaning we can now offer businesses up to 30% in funding.


Stop putting off those energy efficiency projects around your business. Now is the perfect time to save money innovating your business.

What you need to know: 

  • Businnesses can now avail of up to 30% in funding for energy efficient projects through the Better Energy National Upgrade.
  • Projects must have a minimum capital value of €5,000 to qualify for funding.

We've also got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you save even more:


You can reduce the cost to light your business by up to 75% by switching to LED.




Install modern heating controls in your buildings and save at least 25% of your annual fuel costs!



Learn more about how upgrading your refrigeration can bring savings of up to 30%.




When you install a variable speed drive you can reduce your motor’s running costs by as much as 30%. Install a variable compressor and reduce the cost of compressed air by up to 50%!



The Benefits are numerous:

  • Money back for energy efficiency projects. Lighting, heating, refrigeration, variable speed drives and compressors.
  • Operating cost savings. Get more done with less. Lower your energy costs, improve productivity and increase cost effectiveness.
  • Asset Upgrade and Value Uplift. Better equipment, reduced maintenance costs and added value.
  • Reduction in Carbon Emissions and better corporate social responsibility. Better for the environment, better for your business.



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