Understanding Gas Bills

This useful guide explains all the detail on your bill which will be sent you to monthly. Our Customer Service Team are always available to help if you need any further information, just call them on 1850 36 37 44.

  1. 1) Customer name and postal address
    • this may not be where the power is used
  2. 2) Contact service numbers
    • Emergency Faults: 1850 20 50 50
    • Account Enquiries: 1850 36 37 44
    • Ervia Call Centre: 1850 20 06 94
  3. 3) Account Information
    • Bill Number
    • Account Number
    • Account Period (The dates to which the bill applies)
    • Gas Point Reference Number (Unique identifier number for your business)
    • Annual estimated usage and consumption band provided by Bord Gais Networks
    • The Conversion Factor is a multiplier used to convert your gas from the units on your meter (cubic meters or hundred cubic feet) into the units you are billed on (kilowatt hours)
  4. 4) Account Summary
    • Date account was produced
    • The account balance after the previous bill, the payments received since the last bill - up after adjustments and corrections
    • The current bill amount
    • Total amount outstanding and payment due date. Direct debit will be taken on this date if applicable
  5. 5) Premises supplied by gas
    • The address shown here is where the gas is used.
  6. 6) Details of Charges
    • The tariff is the rate that is assigned to your meter.
    • Details of charges broken down into time bands, chargeable rates, network charges, levies, discounts, rebates and taxes plus the message area.
  7. 7) Payment due date and payment method details.
  8. 8) Details of Meter Reading
    • Meter reading information - Depending on the meter type there could be more than one meter reading.
    • Units used are the difference between the present meter reading and the previous meter reading multiplied by the 'Multiplier factor'. If we have not been able to read your meter we will have estimated your reading on your previous usage.
  9. 9) The last actual reading and date will be shown.

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