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Taking energy efficiency to the next level
Reduce energy usage
Make your business more sustainable, optimising energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint.
Save on Upgrades
Upgrade your LEDs, heat pumps, refrigeration or air compressors, and you could get funding up to 20%
Get Expert Advice
We identify, measure and verify savings from your upgrades to increase your return on investment.
Future-proof Profits
With grant funding and new equipment efficiencies, we will ensure you maximise your future profits.
What is Cash for Kilowatts?

Cash for Kilowatts is a post installation grant that offers money back on the savings made through energy efficiency upgrades. If you have chosen a particular upgrade to complete for your business talk to us today about how this grant can offer additional savings on top of your energy reduction and reduce the payback period.

Energia Cash for Kilowatts
Mark McManus, Head of Business Development at LW Management, talks through some recently completed works done through Energia Cash for Kilowatts
How does Cash for Kilowatts work?
1. Identify an energy saving upgrade for your business
  1. 2. Approach Energia with your upgrade proposal.
  2. 3. We will assess the potential savings and organise the paperwork for grants.
  3. 4. Once the upgrade is complete and the savings verified, a payment is made to your business based on annual saving.

What kind of businesses do we support? 

Cash for Kilowatts is suitable for a range of industries such as Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Hospitality as well as Leisure Centres and Shopping Centres

Energy Consultants

Are you an energy consultant looking for funding for energy conservation measures? We can work with you to identify funding for your clients and provide guidance and expertise on a range of energy efficiency solutions in conjunction with the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme.

Enquire about Cash for Kilowatts
If you are interested in Cash for Kilowatts, simply complete the form below and one of our team will give you a call back.
Frequently Asked Questions
Upgrading your business to focus on energy efficiency can reduce bills & your carbon footprint. Speak to us to achieve your sustainability targets.
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