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What is the Energia & the Microgeneration Scheme?

Energia will help customers on their green journey to reduce their carbon footprint with the Microgeneration Scheme and the Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) payment.

Microgeneration refers to the generation of electricity from renewable technology such as solar PV panels. This type of renewable energy generation allows domestic customers to produce their own electricity.

By generating electricity through microgeneration, customers may be able to generate much of their home’s electricity needs themselves. The Microgeneration Scheme was introduced for microgenerators and as part of this the Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) payment was also introduced.

For microgeneration customers this will mean that any surplus electricity that is produced, customers will have the option to export this surplus to the grid and receive payment for it. Not only will microgeneration customers be contributing to a greener Ireland by exporting surplus green energy but they will also be reducing their own electricity expenses.
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Learn more about Microgeneration
Energia & the Microgeneration Scheme FAQs
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