University professor 'living as David Bowie for a year', on The Tom Dunne Show


Tonight on The Tom Dunne Show, Will Brooker of Kingston University explained to Tom why he's spending months living out periods of Bowie’s career.

As part pf the project, he's donning the clothes of the ‘Heroes’ singer, reading what Bowie read, and visiting places he visited.

Will says "You think it’s going to be fun, but it's actually a lot of hard work. Obviously I wouldn’t wanna pretend that anyone can think they can be exactly like Bowie.  There is only one David Bowie."

When Tom spoke to Will he's living as Bowie in 1976, an infamous period in the singers life marked by drug use and excess.

But how can Will recreate this period authentically?

“If I’m getting anything like a taste of the intensity he experienced in the mid-1970s I can entirely understand why his train might have gone off the rails a little bit with the ‘Station to Station’ album,” he said.

Brookers’ book, ‘Forever Stardust’, is due for release next year on Bowie’s 70th birthday, but for now, he will follow the Berlin footsteps of his career, revisiting the studios, the art, the books, the Krautrock music and more in this period.

Listen to the full interview with Will below.

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