Green Energy Savings Delivered To POSTALGROUP

December 07

Chief Executive of PostalGroup John Hughes said the company, based at Portview Trade Centre in Belfast, was delighted to have the opportunity to enter the renewable energy market

“With this energy supply contract from Energia we can achieve reduced carbon emissions at our headquarters which comprise 9 units, covering 12,000 square feet.  To meet our client orders we run a number of automated envelope filling machines and we are glad that these will now be powered with green energy therefore reducing their environmental impact.”  

Mr Hughes continues, “Like all SME’s in the current economic environment, we are always looking for ways to reduce our costs. Partnering with Energia as our energy supplier has enabled us to save money on electricity, with the added benefit of improving the company’s carbon footprint.” 

Spokesman for Energia Mike Nugent says the energy supplier aims to bring more businesses into the green energy market, “Energia currently has over 50,000 customers and with our green energy tariff saving new business customers up to 15% on electricity, we are making renewable energy more accessible to an increasing number of organisations throughout Ireland.” 
Making the switch to green energy with Energia is very simple as there are no new wires or meters, just a phone call. To switch choose from two switching methods: by getting an Energia agent to come out and complete the formalities (9045 9070) or by calling the customer helpline 0845 0701789 armed with the latest electricity bill, bank details and current meter reading. 

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