Energy Saving Products - LED Lighting For Small Businesses

October 02

Standing out from the competition and creating the right ambience within your business’ premises are two important considerations for small businesses as investing in business appearance creates the right impression gives customers confidence when doing business

Energy Saving Products -  LED Lighting For Small Businesses

Outdoor Lighting For Business Improvement

A simple way of improving the general appearance of a business premises is investing in outdoor lighting. Immaculately designed and carefully placed outdoor lights improve the appearance of a premise, making the place look warmer and more inviting to prospective clients and customers. The lighting also enhances security for workers and shoppers.

However, as with all such investments, outdoor lighting left on through the night can become very costly very quickly in terms of electricity consumption. This lighting must be bright enough to provide proper illumination throughout the night, but not so glaring as to disrupt the community living around the business at night. This is where the right energy saving products can play a part.

Given the criteria above, finding the perfect lighting solution becomes a tall order. In addition, as the business must consider the cost of installing attractive but functional fixtures, which will be economical to run, in terms of maintenance and consumption. However, LED lighting offers the perfect solution on all fronts.

Why exterior LED light make sense

There are lots of reasons to support the superiority of LED technology over other forms of lighting, but here are the main 4:

a)They’re cheaper

The majority of businesses need to have lights on throughout the day and night, which amounts to a pretty hefty sum when it comes to energy bills. According to statistics, businesses that have upgraded to LED technology report as much as 75% reduction in their energy consumption and therefore save on costs.  As such, business owners should not let the costs of initial installation act as a deterent.

b)They last longer

LED lights have a minimum life of 20-25 times more than conventional incandescent lighting. This means that not only are you reducing business electricity prices, you are cutting down on the cost of replacements as well as the installation of those replacements.

c)They’re safer

By their very nature, exterior lighting should be bright, but not glaring enough to create stark shadows, which could be major security risk areas. The idea is greater illumination, but with less light so that the overall surroundings are well lit and more secure for employees leaving after dark as well as for customers.

d)They’re more efficient

Did you know that over 30% of light produced from a conventional bulb goes to waste? This is because they are unable to direct their beams towards specific areas. For instance the light may beam upwards, which will be a waste of energy. It is possible to direct LED lighting towards the specific areas that need light, allowing more efficient use of energy.

Additional savings and heightened security

Installing outdoor lighting with a PIR presence sensor will deliver additional savings as it ensures it only activates during night-time hours and when it senses movement.  It can also be used as added security deterring unwanted intruders and you can adjust the time it is lit from activation from between 2 and 20 minutes depending on the businesses individual requirement.

Reducing operating costs is paramount to the growth and survival of any small businesses. Reducing the costs on lighting will certainly make a significant change in the overall costs of operation for your business. Installing new lighting is easy, quick and there is minimal disruption to business operations.


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