Energia to power Omniplex’s cinemas in both ROI and NI

November 21

Energy deal covers 25 cinemas across the island of Ireland

Energia to power Omniplex’s cinemas in both ROI and NI

21st November 2016 – Energia is set to supply energy to all of Omniplex Cinema Group’s screens on the island of Ireland.
Omniplex Cinemas currently source their energy from Energia for their 13 cinemas in the Republic of Ireland. This new deal sees the contract extended and will cover the cinema group’s 12 locations in Northern Ireland.
Omniplex Cinemas in the Republic of Ireland are located in Arklow, Balbriggan, Carlow, Cork, Dublin, Dundalk, Limerick, Longford, Sligo, Tralee, Waterford and Wexford.      
Hanish Arora, Omniplex said: “Energia have been supplying our cinemas in the Republic of Ireland for a number of years. The value for money and customer service levels they provide made it an easy decision for us to extend this contract to cover our Northern Ireland cinemas.”
Eimear Coll, Energia commented: “It is always extremely satisfying when a customer like Omniplex decides to increase their business with us. It is an essential part of our business success that sees us supply over 60,000 Irish businesses with gas and electricity.”
“Energia also offers excellent customer service, and with Energia online, customers can simply log on to a secure system and get unlimited access to analyse and interrogate their energy consumption, discover usage patterns and produce reports.”
“We also support businesses through innovative energy programmes like Energia’s ‘Cash for Kilowatts’ scheme that provides grant funding to companies for energy efficiency projects. It means that any company carrying out an energy efficiency project can qualify for grant funding based on the amount of energy they save. This scheme is open to all businesses, whether or not they are customers of Energia.” 
As well as benefiting from the generous funding, businesses will also make very significant ongoing savings through the energy efficiency projects. For example:
  • Lighting: LED and high efficiency lighting can reduce your lighting costs by up to 75%
  • Heating: a new boiler or heating controls can save over 25% of your annual fuel costs
  • Refrigeration: new systems can reduce your costs by up to 30%
Energia has a 26% market share of the Irish business electricity and gas market supplying the energy needs of over 60,000 business customers. In addition to renewable assets, the company also operates a 750MW gas fired power station in north Dublin.
Energia has offices in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast and Omagh.

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