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October 25

Energia and GIY join forces to promote sustainability and health

Energia and GIY join forces to promote sustainability and health

25th October 2016 – Competitive energy provider Energia and GIY (Grow It Yourself) are joining forces in a new partnership to promote sustainability and health for Irish consumers.
The 12 month partnership will incorporate the launch of a number of national projects designed to both inspire and support people in Ireland to grow their own food and promote healthy, community focused and sustainable lifestyles and consumer choices.
The initiatives are inspired by both organisations’ commitment to practicing and promoting sustainable living, growing food and using green energy. Energia is currently one of the leading providers of renewable energy to homes and businesses across Ireland, supplying over 800MWs of green power, increasing shortly to 1,000MWs.
As part of the new initiative, Energia is further supporting employee wellbeing through the introduction of a [email protected] programme for its staff. The programme will instruct and encourage staff to grow some of their own food as a lever to a healthier lifestyle. Food growers are statistically proven to eat more seasonally, more locally and make better, more informed choices based on a deeper connection and understanding of food, which GIY term Food Empathy.
Karen O’Donohoe, Community Manager, GIY Ireland commented, “GIY is delighted to team up with Energia. Our partnering enables us to roll out what will be some incredible opportunities for people right across the country to get involved with next year all around growing food and sustainable living. It’s a very exciting partnership and we look forward to sharing more details with everyone in the very near future.”
Yvonne Boyle, Marketing Manager, Energia commented, “Growing your own fruit and veg and living healthily and sustainably are clearly clever choices. Energia’s focus is always on providing and supporting smart and sustainable choices for Irish consumers. That’s why we’re delighted to be partnering with GIY on this 12 month programme. We look forward to announcing further details of initiatives to inspire and support as many individuals and community groups as possible.”
“Energia has a long standing commitment to smart and sustainable energy for both Irish homes and businesses. The Commission for Energy Regulation has recognised us as having 100% renewably-sourced “green” energy for homes the last three years in a row, the only of the leading energy suppliers to achieve this.”
“And through our ‘Cash for Kilowatts’ energy upgrade scheme, we’ve helped Irish businesses save 93,000,000 kWh per year, preventing 43 million tonnes of carbon being needlessly released into our environment. Full details on this initiative are available on or by emailing [email protected]
Households switching to Energia for Ireland’s best Dual Fuel bundle will save €432 on their electricity and gas costs for one year.
Energia has offices in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast and Omagh.

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